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Our Founder: a self-portrait
a collaboration with Raphaël Urbino. 2020.

What is Ahamagi Sacred Art Collaborative?

HAMAGI Sacred Art Collaborative offers a fresh new look at the art, literature and music inspired by the Bible with a focus on the period of the Italian & Northern Renaissance. With particular attention given to the evolution of the English Bible within this context. Currently the Collaborative consists of one “living” member and an endless array of creative masters throughout human history.
A wide variety of media can be explored in the “Ahamagi Sacred Art Library.”
The library itself is divided into two sections with three categories each:
Section 1. Sacred Art, Books & Music, includes the categories;
a. Paintings & Engravings, b. Sacred Books & Cartography, and c. Sacred Music & Narration.
Section 2. Publication & Design Elements includes;
a. Illustrations & Sacred Figures. b. Borders, Frames & Print Ornaments, and c. Initial Letters & Type Design.

A Simple Vision Statement.

THE Collaborative is a non-profit organization, currently under construction. Our goal is to provide a space for an imaginative learning experience of the sacred & creative expression, throughout the history of religious art. We are dedicated to exploring new and innovative approaches in the presentation of these vast and invaluable resources.
Ahamagi Sacred uses digital image manipulation and other combined processes of raw data in hopes of creating a more inspired presentation of the more traditional material of Western Art. We are also working hard to provide an abundance of resources for Religious and Secular Educational pursuits within the fine arts. The majority of money we raise will be used to help end hunger, sickness and homelessness. And or else-wise to be committed to the promotion of good-will and to provide comfort in our frail efforts to love each other & lift one another up.

Copyright Considerations.

WHILE the original data used is in the public domain, and available for download without condition, the finished digital output may be subject to various copyright restrictions as defined by the contributing artist.
All of our raw image data is in the Public Domain and completely free without condition. Our work, however is not, at present our projects and manipulated images are published under a Creative Commons (CC), Non-Commerial (NC), Attribution License (BY), as defined below:
Licensees may copy, distribute or display the work without modification for non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise negotiated, and with the following attribution, “Presented by Ahamagi Sacred Art Collaborative at Ahamagi.org.”
Also please review our Copyright Disclaimer below…

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to insure the original images used are from the Public Domain, if, however, any mistakes have been made by us in the publication of an image we ask that you contact us personally to receive appropriate accreditation; or personally send us a request at james@ahamagi.org and we will discontinue its use. We would also like to encourage you to ask how you might become a contributing artist.
If by some rare chance a copyright infringement occurs, we offer our sincerest apologies, it is not our intent to violate anyone’s rights. Should this happen we ask that you please contact us immediately so we may correct this oversight. Thank you for your kind consideration and discretion.

A Personal Introduction.

MY name is James, but most people call me Jack… and the painting that greeted you, is my self-portrait (a collaboration with the 16th century artist Raphaël). I’ve been working with digital art for about 35 years, but only ever for my own personal enjoyment. Art, and Sacred Art in particular, has been such an integral part of my life that it is impossible to  express just how much it means to me. My experience is so intimate that at times I feel as if these artists were my personal friends & confidants.
Down through the centuries the Bible and other sacred texts, have led some men to true greatness while others have exploited it to justify unspeakable violence and conquest. But for these master artists the experience found expression a bit differently; this literature for them inspired the creation of some of the finest masterpieces in art and music that we have ever known. Collectively, this vast body of work, could only be described as among the worlds finest treasures. And truly represents a universal gift to humanity.

If you would like to become a Donor, Sponsor or Contributing Artist, please contact me at james@ahamagi.org.

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