Initial Letters
Type Design

A is for the Apple
from the Tree of
Knowledge, from
which Adam did eate.

B is for Balaam and
the Burro who re-
fused to Beare him on
his path.

C is for Cain whom
God didst Curse for
the killing of his
brethern, Abel.

D is for the Del-
iverance of Daniel,
whom Darius cast
into the Lion’s Denne.

E is for Esau who
didst sell his birthright
for bread & a pottage
of lentiles to Eate.

F is for the Farao who
Fled from the Face of
Israel only to be cov-
ered by the sea.

G is for Goliath from
Gath whom David
didst slay with a sling
and a stone.

H is for Haman who
was Hanged on the
gallows He intended
for Mordecai the Jew.

J is for Jerubbaal, son
of Joash, a Judge of
Israel who was vic-
torious over Midian.

K is for the yong
Knaves whom the
shee beares did Kill for
the mocking of Elisha.

L is for Lot and the
daughters who Lay
with him after filling
him with wine.

M is for the yong
Moses and the
Maydens who drew
him from the waters.

N is for Noah and the
flood that destroyed a
wicked world full of
Nefarious Nashgabs.

O is for Abraham’s
Offering of his be-
loved son to the holy
One of Israel.

P is for the Passover
meal diligently Pre-
pared for all of God’s
beloved People.

Q is for the Quail
which the Lord pro-
vided as meat for them in the wilderness.

R is for the Rod that Moses used to smite the Rock for water that they might drink.

S is for the Queen of Sheba who came with Spices & Sundries to Solomon’s court.

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