Our Vision Statement

What is Ahamagi Sacred Art Collaborative?

HAMAGI Sacred Art Collaborative is a non-profit Digtal Art Reproduction collective that focuses on Renaissance Art inspired by the Bible & the publication elements of handmade religious texts as well as those of early print-shops, including fonts. Whether you’re a Book Publisher, Printer, a Professor of Divinity or an Art History Educator, or even a Church or private Ministry and you’re looking for content for Prints, Books, Posters, Bulletins or Newsletters, Websites or other Digital Media; then this is the place for you. Our goal is to become a trusted fund-raising partner with non-profit organizational sponsors dedicated to providing services to our indigent and under-served populations. Our plan for accomplishing this is through providing high-quality digital image & font licensing packages for online and offline publications for our Donor Members.

How do i become a Member?

It is absolutely free to register as a Preliminary Member and you are under no financial obligation. Enjoy viewing our free content as well as the digital reproductions and fonts provided by our Contributing Members.
When you become a member you will not only have access to high quality digital art images and publication elements but you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that up to 90% of any donations you may decide to make will go directly to the Sponsored Charity of your choice.

How do memberships work?

There are 4 different membership types…

1. Preliminary Members: These are individuals and organization registrants that would just like to tour our content for their own enjoyment or educational purposes. If you find an individual image that you would like to publish that requires a publication license then you will have already taken the first step toward the next tier of membership:

2. Donor Members: (Their are 3 types of Donor Members)
a) Primary Donors: If you’ve enjoyed our site and decide you would like to make a donation without selecting any images or other elements, then you are certainly welcome to do so; or if your preference is to make individual selections over packaged sets then you are defined as a Primary Member.
b) Package Donors: The only difference between a Primary Member and a Package Donor is that Package Members are applying for a licenses for a specified sets of images called an Image Licensing Package.
c) Full Donor Members: Full Donor Members are a bit different in that they are subscribing for a license for full access to all current and future content for six months to a year. (New content is added daily Monday through Thursday.) After fulfilling a six month commitment they can then decide whether to discontinue their membership or renew for an additional six months (Or commit to the full year all at once.) Once the year long commitment is fulfilled they can then choose to renew their membership from a month to month, six month or annual basis for a significantly reduced membership fee.†

3. Contributing Members: Contributing Members are at the very heart of our efforts and consist of volunteers and digital art contributors. Anyone is eligible to become a contributing member, however I will admit we have a special affinity for people with limited incomes and members of other under-served communities. We are especially looking for people with HTML, CSS and/or Digital Graphic or Webmaster experience. Skills in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)* are especially appreciated. But all that is really needed is that you have the motivation and interest to serve. Please let us know the role you picture yourself fulfilling that would best utilize your individual talents and we will find a place for you. If your interest is in learning GIMP we are working on making training videos and providing other online educational tools designed to help you become a fulfilled and valuable contributor as well as provide you with valuable skills that will help you become more financially stable. The best part is that when you contribute digital products to be licensed to donor members you will be entitled to 10% of the donations received for you product. While 10% of donations for the license would automatically be yours, you are technically eligible to keep up to 30% of every dollar, however that would indicate your own donation as 0%. So, in turn if you decided to keep say 20% that would make your selected donation as 50% of what you would otherwise be entitled to as the digital products creator. And of course, if you so choose, you can make a full gift of your work where the 10% will be reinvested and no doubt go a long way to help us meet our mission goals.

4. Sponsorships: If you represent a Non-Profit that seeks to provide any of the following;
• Support for chronically ill or disabled patients, including those struggling with a mental illness.
• Support for research and development in finding new and innovative cures for disease.
• Support for Families & Individuals struggling with food insecurity.
• Support in addressing issues of housing security or provide any services to the homeless.
• Support in addressing the problems of drug & alcohol addiction & overdose, or support for family members affected by addiction.
• Visitation networks for Prisoners in need of community.
• Support for the wrongfully convicted and for Prisoners preparing for release.
• Or, any other type of support for individuals and families struggling with poverty, hunger, illness, addiction or recidivism.

Please consider becoming a Sponsor and Promotional Ad Partner with us to become a recipient choice for our donors in all of our individual project fund-raising efforts.
Note: If you are a commercial, for profit venture, that wishes to use our digital products in your business, while you would be ineligible to become a fund-raising partner, you are still eligible to become a Full Member and (Ad Only) Sponsor. Unfortunately other commercial ventures are ineligible for sponsorship.

Well, that’s the end… So where should we go from here? How about… the Beginning?

The Beginning
by Gerard de Jode. 1585.

† Unlike some other subscription services we do not renew your membership by automatically charging your account without your specific request, if you do however prefer an automatic draft then you will have to indicate this to us personally. Otherwise don’t worry we will remind you through your preferred contact method when your membership fees are due and provide you with the opportunity to renew. If you do choose an automatic method, we will still remind you before your fees are automatically drafted.

* As a matter of policy we mostly use open source software, to accomplish our Art, so as to reduce overhead costs. If you have extensive knowledge in GIMP and experience training others to use GIMP then you would be considered what we call, a Gold Nugget. If you also had experience with Website maintenance then

Please Note: Though the raw data used in creating our reproductions are in the Public Domain, our finished product is not and is subject to copyright laws with the Collaborative as sole license agreement holder, unless otherwise negotiated. Most items presented represent many hours of hard work for a member artist, please respect their contributions and give generously.

Copyright Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to insure the original images used can be found in the Public Domain rather than under a Creative Commons License, if, however, any mistakes have been made by us in the publication of an image we ask that you contact us personally to receive appropriate accreditation or personally send us a request and we will discontinue its use.
We would also like to encourage you to become a sponsor or contributing member. If by some rare chance a fully copyrighted image has found its way into our image vault, we sincerely apologize, it is not our intent to infringe upon anyone’s rights. Therefore we ask that you please contact us immediately so we may correct this oversight. Thank you for your kind consideration and discretion.

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